연기 신동 이정신이

2017년 12월에 방송되는 

SBS PLUS 드라마 <애간장>에서

남자주인공인 꽃미남 수학선생님 '강신우' 역할을 맡아

한 여자만 바라보는 해바라기 같은 면모와

시크한 매력을 동시에 발산하는 연기를 펼칠 것이라고 합니다.


지금도 열심히 드라마 촬영중인 배우 이정신에게 

 식사 및 간식 서포트를 하려고 합니다.

일곱번째 드라마 <애간장>을

힘차게 응원합시다!!!


입금계좌:국민은행 9-19910915-62

paypal : namistar@naver.com




 演技の天才ジョンシンが 2017年12月から放送される

SBS PLUSドラマ<やきもき>で 男性主人公、いけめん数学教師'カン・シヌ'役を担当し、




The new drama "Longing Heart" of our genius actor - Lee Jung-shin will be on air from December 2017 at SBS PLUS Drama Channel.
The role of Jungshin as the main male actor will be a handsome math teacher called Kang Sin-woo.
He is a man who looks like a sunflower and could only see his beloved woman in his eyes.
We must see his charm through the acting in the new drama.

This is the 7th drama of Jungshin and he is working very hard on filming the drama now.
In order to cheer Jungshin, we would like to show our support by offering him the meal and snacks.

Let's support Jungshin together!

2017.09.16 (21:51:16)
id: MasterMaster

오늘 <애간장> 식사 서포트를 진행했습니다.

서포트 모금에 대해 문의하시 분들이 많은데

식사 서포트 이후에도 커피차 서포트가 있으니

드라마 서포트 응원은 아직 진행중입니다.

많이 응원해주세요.



ドラマサポート応援はまだ進行中です。 たくさんの応援をお願い致します。


Today,  the meal support for "Longing Heart" is completed.  However the fund raising activity is still going on. We expect to gather more funds so that we could provide coffee truck support in near future.
If you are interested in participating our support, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The drama support activity is still going on. Please join and support Jungshin together.

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